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May 29, 2017
Turkey, Izmir
I ride a
Kawasaki Vulcan 900 Custom (VN900C) 16'
So how does everyone go about marketing their channel with Instagram?

Sure.. girls get away with it.. obviously. But for us guys, I notice a lot of the gentleman here also have Instagram accounts to go with their YouTube accounts.

- What do you use to edit the videos for Instagram? Do you just cut your own video.. ?
- Is there a quick way to promote it on Instagram.
- Instagrams hashtags work really well.. so this has to be utilized :)


Jan 2, 2017
West Sussex, UK
I ride a
2012 Moto Guzzi V7 Stone
I am currently updating my Instagram profile with a link to my latest video, then post a copy of the video thumbnail with relevant hash tags and words like link in bio. If all you ever post is adverts for your videos though then folk will get bored so you have to have an active Instagram page with other pics too. I am no expert on this though and am learning as I go.
If you want to put a vid up I am able to window vids 1:1 with my editing software, am sure most will have that option


Remember to Have Fun! - Solar Bear 2020 Champion
Aug 4, 2016
Middle Tennessee USA
I ride a
2014 Harley Davidson (FLHTK) Ultra Limited
I am not a marketing guru. I may post an occasional Instagram/Facebook only video. Depends on content length and camera view.

Mostly I post pics. Then when releasing a video, I post a thumbnail or relevant pic and link on Instagram. I post a separate promo on Facebook.

I have a few IG followers that are not on Facebook for one reason or another.


Lone Wolfer Garage
Jun 1, 2017
I ride a
Harley Nightster, Harley Switchback & Suzuki Savage
I definitely try and pepper my other interests into my Lone Wolfer instagram, not too much but sometimes I over do it, but enough to keep it from being an overload of just vlogging. Think more or sharing snapshots of your biker lifestyle, which for me is odd and awkward at times. I try to be authentic without too much staging or editing to that stuff. Not sure if that hurts me but I do get a lot of interaction on there and it has all been very positive.


All Season Rider
Aug 29, 2017
I ride a
2007 Hartford HD125L, 2013 Honda CB500X
I don't do anything from YouTube on Instagram. I just use it to post my pictures. Personally I get fed up when people shove a brand/business at me. Sure use the same username but just don't use it for when you upload. Keep a good mix.


Jan 18, 2015
I ride a
2012 Kawasaki ZX-6R
I use Instagram solely as my photo album. Zero links or thumbnails of my videos in there. I do occasionally have a short video crop off from some of the video (less than 15 seconds) but it's not about the video or reference to video, just a short crop of a funny moment.

I also don't follow anyone, absolutely zero. Not because I'm a prick, cause I don't browse Instagram to see stuff, I just get onto to post/store a photo and close it, unless I get some notification of a comment or DM then I need to reply to it, so no point following if I'm not going to be viewing or giving any engagement, in my opinion anyway.


Supermoto isn't just a bike, it's a way of life
Oct 29, 2015
I ride a
Husqvarna 701SM 2018
I mainly post pics of daily event's like when I meet with others,
When I want to capture an event and not in video format.

I also sometime upload snippets of videos, like a 30 seconds long wheelie
or when I drop my bike in the dirt
and then I tell everyone they can see the full video on YouTube.

One other thing I do:
I have a Telegram channel
and I use IFTTT to auto upload every Instagram post on that Telegram.
(and I have an auto post about new YouTube videos as well)

So I feel that I cover all of my basics.

Instagram stories are a no go for me personally.
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Lone Wolfer Garage
Jun 1, 2017
I ride a
Harley Nightster, Harley Switchback & Suzuki Savage
I really don't get the instagram stories
Instagram Stories just gives the user a quicker way to upload shitty video and add tags, statements and locations so that they don't have to go through the multipoint interface of the Instagram user experience. Basically its quicker gratification becasue it can be seen quicker. And it competes with Snapchat who Instagram/Facebook want to destroy.
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