Hey from London :)

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Jun 30, 2013
I ride a
Hi guys, this is Keith (Aka Wolfforce). I'd like to tell you that I passed my tests a week ago and couldn't wait to pass to start motovlogging.

I've been riding a cbf 125 for more than two years till I saw a guy called chase on two wheels and he was the main reason he motivated me to push even more to do the same thing as he does. Anyway after getting my Mod1 done first attempt, I thought things will go easy for Mod2 and oh boy I was wrong. Well it took me 2 attempts in Uxbridge and the third time was done in Mitcham and I passed first time there.

Anyway, I'd be honored if you guys visit my channel and show support.... maybe even message me for meet ups and stuff ^^

This is my baby, CBR 600 RR-4:

My Youtube channel:

For those who are interested in gaming, check my twitch channel at:

Also for those who are interested in buying PC games at low price, most of the time cheaper than steam and origins go to:

- Wolfforce
From London
Not open for further replies.
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