Hero 11 or meh?


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Aug 31, 2020
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You can use any kind of USB-C to 3.5 mm adapter, as long as it has a DAC chip. My mic records only mono, so not sure about external audio stereo recording.

But be wary, I've ordered an Action 3 a few days ago and did some testing regarding picture quality. I read about the focus issues but gave it a try anyway. Mine was definitely not as sharp, blows out highlights and is generally a lot smudgier than my old Hero 7. I'm sending it back. Shame, because I like many other bits about the camera.

I don't see the point in upgrading from Hero 7 to Hero 11 either. It does the job.
Sorry about the Action 3 - but your last sentence is very prescient. A lot of us [me included] can get caught up in the "new & shiny gear" bit of things, when in reality, we don't REALLY need a new camera. Good on you for not getting caught up in that!

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