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Oct 29, 2015
I ride a
Husqvarna 701SM 2018
Hello everyone!

So after a long (long) time, I'm back.
And I've decided that the first video I'll make in English, will be a bit of a preview
why I didn't upload in so long
why have I did a lot of gaming videos
and what I'm planning to do next

I will be releasing an English video approximately once a month (maybe a bit more)
and my plan is to tell my how 2018 has been for me, and what I hope for 2019....

The following videos will have a "darker" tone to it, as I will be sharing a bit more about depression and about why I haven't spoken to my father for a year.

I've also made a playlist, In there I'll link all of my English videos:

My Youtube channel is bilingual, with more focus on Hebrew
But feel free to tell me what you think.
on some videos I add subtitles, if you think one video really need one, just tell me about it.
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