Going To Be A Daddy


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Aug 4, 2016
Clarksville to Nashville, TN
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2014 Harley Davidson (FLHTK) Ultra Limited
I am happy to announce that I am going to be a daddy in feb. and we are learning the gender this friday via a gender reveal party. We have our reveal that we are going to do for our family picked out, but how should I do it for my YT channel? Thoughts?
Whether this is your first or not, it is your choice to document it for YouTube or not. I would say the deciding factors should be your wife's input, if the reveal is bike related, and whether or not you have shared other private information about yourself on YouTube before.

You could run the risk of just milking the event/child if not played out properly. If it was me, I would not share that information but that is me because the lab I was created in mysteriously burned down after containment unit 7 caught fire.

Congrats either way. Seriously though, I have tons of video of my kids stockpiled for graduations, dates, and weddings. WAY BETTER than just showing it on YouTube.