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Jun 25, 2020
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This is my first submission to this forum from my Channel, 8 Subs!, and it is from Glacier National Park and the famous Going to the Sun Rd. This is just the western side of the park, the East is in another video, and i don't/haven't narrated any videos yet.

I stated a series called '2-Up in 2 Minutes' to show bigger rides to interesting places in the Western US. My first youtube video was 10 minutes and nobody i knew wanted to see a 10 minute basically, vacation video. I chopped it up into 2 minute clips so keep interest up. Plus, makes me edit tighter and not add pointless footage.
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Jan 2, 2017
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You need to adjust your channel settings to allow playback through the forum, although the thumbnail shows, it won't play unless you change that.
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