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Jul 16, 2015
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2014 Honda CBR650F
Hi everyone,

Just curious, how long do you keep your footage for?

Do you keep it all? Do you log interesting things in your videos (somehow) and the times they occur?

Do you delete footage that seems useless? Or do you data hoard?

I'm just curious, as I'm working on a way to keep interesting things I can use as "stock footage" but also trying to managed limited storage unti I can expand that.

Also, what's a good way to log interesting parts of videos to keep track of things you can use in other videos, or as flashback type clips?
I have waaay too much footage, about to pull the pin on deleting anything from my previous bike, but there are a couple entertaining clips making me want to start a Throwback Thursdays series perhaps. Ive gotten into the habit of naming the clips with highlight related words, deleting right away if there isnt anything I found might be entertaining. taggin footage on the go while recording saves alot of time later trying to find footage, havent gotten into doing this yet, but am starting to try to get into the habit
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