Drinky Poos

Aug 26, 2017
Nebraska USA
I ride a
2007 Kawasaki Vulcan Mean Streak 1600 SE
If I am on a long car drive, I have drinks and snacks. What do you do for liquid beverages on long rides or short rides? I have a camel back that I use occasionally but I don't like to have back packs or anything on my body other than gear for riding.
Jan 2, 2017
West Sussex, UK
I ride a
2012 Moto Guzzi V7 Stone
I stop at a petrol station and buy a sarnie if I want a snack, if I want a drink I buy one of them instead. I hate carrying luggage on the bike. I guess in the USA it can be a hell of a lot hotter than in the UK so I get the need to stay hydrated but I rarely ride a long journey where I couldn't grab a bottle of water on a fuel stop.


Wannabie Member
Jan 6, 2017
Philadelphia/South Jersey
I ride a
Kymco Downtown 300i
I've a bag hook on the front of my bike where I can hang an insulated meal sack, for hot or cold drinks or food. Normally I just pull over to rest stops, stations, Micky-Ds or a convenient store if I need a break. I've yet to venture anywhere where there are miles between hubs of civilization. Eating or drinking with a full face helmet's pretty hard when riding too.

- Wuf


Feb 25, 2017
South England
I ride a
A motorcycle, silly.
I usually try go all the way through. I haven't been on any long journeys yet. Longest I've done is 4-5hrs ride.. Which i don't think is very long. But anything over that i'd usually stop off at a petrol station or shop and have a little break. I've looked into Hydro Packs and think they're good if you tour so i definitely think they're a good investment for sure


Jan 18, 2015
I ride a
2012 Kawasaki ZX-6R
Most riders would usually take a short break whenever they pit in for refuel. Either a quick drink, a light snack, a fast piss, etc.

Unless they are on one of those touring bikes with really large fuel tanks, then maybe they'll bring along some water bottle or etc.

The general idea is to keep our stuff light, so carrying around food/drink is kinda not that crucial if we know there are plenty of stations stops in our journey. The space/weight would be better replaced with things like tire puncture kit, mini can of chain lube, or a small tool-kit, etc.