Does anyone wear an Arai TX4? Mic placement troubles..


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Mar 9, 2019
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Hi all,

Does anyone here wear an Arai TX4 / Tour Cross 3?

I've got a few vlogging setups that I am working on at the moment. One is a SJ7 Star with their optional external mic. The other is a GoPro 7 with an external mic adapter, and a good quality mic. Both setups are just wind noise! Now, I've gone ahead and bought a small dead cat for the mics, but with just the spong cover they are useless unless I'm at a full stop. The problem I think is the helmet design rather than the mic placement. Because it's a kinda off-road helmet it has heaps of ventilation, and is in fact a super noisy helmet. Perfect for summer, but sucks in the winter when freezing cold air is blowing in non-stop.

But, moaning aside. Does anyone else use the same helmet with good results? Even though I love this TX I am seriously thinking about buying a new helmet purely for vlogging.

Thanks in advance.

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