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Jul 23, 2011
I ride a
06 ZX-6R (636)
Name : C90FTW

Where you're from: Fort Wayne, Indiana

A bit about you. For example; what you do for a living, your interests etc.: I'm a full time student studying Mech. Engin. My interests include: photography, cars, computers, movies, and of course - motorcycles.

What bike you ride: 2000 Suzuki SV650

Why you started v-logging: watch many many vlogs prior to riding. I feel as if I saw a glimpse of the freedom on a bike and just got hooked. Any questions I had about riding a motorcycle were answered by vloggers. I then wanted to vlog to share this same experience with others in my same shoes. If I can help or answer anyone's question then it's all worth it. :)

What camera setup you use: Sony Bloggie MP5. (2) 808 micro cam from ebay. Sony ICD-PX312 voice recorder. DroidX.

Links to blogs/website you may own twitter: @c90ftw. Facebook:c90ftw

A link to your YouTube channel Its in my signature! ;)
Not open for further replies.