Review Blackbird long term review and ride out


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Jun 4, 2020
Cambridgeshire UK
I ride a
Honda CBR1100XX and Buel XB9R Custom
Its Friday, that means its time for a ride and a new vlog

I went for a shorter ride today (180 miles yesterday, only 60 today) and did a review of the Honda Blackbird, if you've ever wondered what they are like to ride and live with.

Also took a route through Ely around the Cathedral and some scenic local roads.

Still too bleeding hot though!

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Jan 26, 2016
SouthEast UK
I ride a
KTM RC8 Putytat
I did love the Blackbird when I started riding back in the early 90's.
Never did get to ride one as they were too expensive for me back then. (Got a VFR400 then CBR600F)

(I thought your avatar was you. Was surprised to hear a guys voice at first :D)
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