Best video camera setup!


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Jan 26, 2019
I ride a
My budget is £250-300 ($325-390)
I’ve been making videos for years, but I’ve been using my iPhone camera so I’m inexperienced with proper cameras!
What’s the best camera? I mostly do videos sitting down talking to the camera.
I’d like a camera that would make my skin look nice and smooth lol (fake much haha) no worries if there isn’t a camera that does this in my price range!
Would I need to get a video light to make it more clear?
Would I need a microphone? There’s so much I don’t know haha!
Thanks for taking the time reading this and replying!


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Aug 11, 2018
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Honda CBR 600

You wont actually be riding a motorcycle while riding?
If not, you might get away with the built in microphone.

An external, soft light source will greatly help you get the best quality video (and/or photos).

If you’d be pretty much recording all videos at the same place you could set up a small studio with one or several soft boxes (external light, shielded by some cloth to smooth out the light source) and maybe a simple microphone (if you won’t be satisfied with the built in mic).

Regarding a camera, to be fair, you’ll get best looking video with a DSLR but if you also need to shoot videos on the go I’ll recommend a GoPro Black, preferably the newest one your budget would allow (check the web for used ones too)

If you choose to go the DSLR route, I’ll recommend any of the Nikons entry level cameras, they are all great for even professional jobs once you know how to use them. Then go with a lens, there is one 50mm that gives great, sharp
image and really nice & natural bookeh (blurry background effect).

Now regarding the nice skin and faking, you either get to put some makeup on, do some extra editing or shoot at settings that won’t be to crisp/of high quality.

Good luck and let me know if you need further advise✌
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Jan 2, 2017
West Sussex, UK
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Will you be wanting to use it on bike too as a helmetcam? That will make your choices a bit harder as you'll want something small and possibly with a higher frame rate than you would in a studio type environment! :)

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