BackBone Modifed GoPro Hero 4 Black Edition


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Feb 14, 2020
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Hi all,

Worldwide postage is no issues :)

Anywho, sorry for the bad photos but here we are.

GoPro Hero 4 Black, BackBone RibCage Air modified (Allows you to mount C mount lenses to your GoPro)
USB Cable
Original battery
Original Box
Original Instructions
Extra IR filter.

Was used originally hooked into a microscope and used for taking video of... I don't know, medical things.

This will work on any device with a C mount thread, microscopes, telescopes, etc.

Still functions as a regular GoPro (as the original lens is refitted) but you can now swap out the factory lens and fit whatever lens you want. I was using the CCTV lens pictured.

Good points:
Can use loads of lenses on a GoPro, C-Mount has been around since 1925, all the old movie cameras and stuff so boy howdy can you gets lenses for this thing

Easier to mount as the mod includes heaps of standard UNC threads for tripods

All the normal GoPro accessories such as LCD BakPaks etc work fine if you so desire.

Also, the IR filter is removable if you want to capture IR and stuff.

Not shoot and go like a GoPro, you need to adjust the focus, ensure what you want looks good and spend the time and effort focusing the lens. It's not a simple and quick process like with a normal GoPro you just hit the button and point it in the general direction of what you're shooting.

The top button is a bit dodgy (only works sometimes) but as using this camera requires a monitor for focus I don't care as I control it via the GoPro app (the stock GoPro Hero 4 Black does not have an LCD, and requires you to use your phone connected to it via WiFi - the Wifi button on the side works great)

Battery life is beginning to suck (Maybe 40 mins tops at 4K, it's due to battery age, new OEM batteries from GoPro are available)

That's about it.

I'm after AUD$200 for the GoPro + stock lens, and AUD$100 for the F1.4 8mm Computar lens. Happy to sell seperate.


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