General Are you sitting comfortably?


Jan 2, 2017
West Sussex, UK
I ride a
2012 Moto Guzzi V7 Stone
With my trail bike, I have had the suspension lowered 2" and fitted a Seat Concepts comfort seat, I also have body armour which has a padded bum too hahaha :D
My Moto Guzzi has a custom seat too, but it isn't any more or less comfortable than stock. The Triumph seat is standard,but I did get the low ride height version which helps moving the bike around.
As for kit, I have various bits, Rukka textiles for winter/rain, which are pretty comfortable. My leathers are comfy, but too hot in summer so I mainly only wear them for hooning or trackdays. I have some biking jeans, which I like, but again are black, next time I get a pair I'll get blue ones as they will be a bit nicer in the heat.
I've never had a bike with heated grips... I probably should get some, but never get around to it.

My next bike will have cruise control and heated grips I think fitted from the factory.
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Wannabie Member
Jul 25, 2017
Canada eh!
I ride a
K5 gsxr 1000
I'm as comfortable as I can be on a GSXR1000, the main mod was riser bars, and took about 5mm out of the seat base, set up the suspension for my weight. Good in the city and on the highway, up in the mountains. Its my compromise, for having 1 single bike.
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