700 km ride to my son...


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Apr 2, 2018
Istanbul, Turkey
I ride a
KTM Duke 390
Spring has arrived, and I finally managed to continue my job online. As I am a single father, who divorced 6 years ago, I will make my first ride to the city, which he lives with her mother. I am planning a 2 days ride from Istanbul to Antalya (Turkey), because I wish to visit Lake Salda first, stay there for a night, and continue the ride to my destination point. The bike I use is a 2016 KTM Duke 390, and I have finally installed a Kappa top case, and I will add the Givi dry bag.

The route will be like this. (Google Map Link : https://goo.gl/maps/CosZ9eh1vnr) So I will be recording many hours with my cam (I have 2 spare batteries and 3 sd cards), but I don't think I will be vlogging on the road, as this may distract me.

I will be sharing some photos here, and I am not sharing any instagram, or YT link, as I do not wish to use this thread as a "get more followers" topic. Just want to share some memories with the community, that's all.

The ride will start at 19th of April, so feel free to follow the thread.




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May 15, 2018
I ride a
Harley Davidson V Rod
Good luck on the trip man! Look forward to seeing more pics!

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