General 5 Motorbike Tours I am still Planning Post Pandemic

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Jun 30, 2020
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Hi guys and Gals,

I'm rather pleased with this video and how it came out. Although it took some time to edit! Its got more editing points than any other video I've created. I got to the point where I was having hardware challenges as my old HP Laptop couldn't keep up and replay the sequences without it being rendered and lagging, making editing tough!

I think this is one of my best so far.



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Nov 14, 2020
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Hiya, it was very interesting to see your wish list of trips.
im a Brit who spends 6 or more months a year in Florida where I keep my 2019 RGS. I was due to fly out last April and in July ride from Tampa to Sturgis and then after rally go west to Yellowstone then ride the ‘Road to the sun’ then west to cali, down through Yosemite, across to Tombstone, Austin, New Orleans and home, altogether it would be over10,000 miles. We would be averaging about 250 a day.
I have rode Route66 back in 2012. I started in Tampa, up to Chicago via Nashville and then rode the 2448 miles across to Santa Monica pier. We did this WITHOUT SATNAV OR MAPS! I had researched for months and had printouts for each day, so it was a case of memorising the days roads, of course we made a few wrong turns, route66 is hard to follow/find as it’s been decommissioned years ago and there is more than Route.
I left my bike (I had a Road King then) with friends in Cali and flew back 6 months later and rode back but this time taking the scenic route - Vegas, Zion, Bryce, Monument valley, four corners, million dollar highway, pikes peak, Amerillo, Memphis, Nashville then into the smokies to ride the dragon, down to `savanna then back to Tampa...5000 miles (no interstate)
Yes, you do tend to ride longer distances in the USA as everything is further apart, I had a letter I wanted to make sure it got to the company, so I decided to deliver it by hand, Tampa to Fort Lauderdale and back in a day, 550 miles, I was home in time for dinner lol
Anyway, sorry to ramble on, hope you can get some of those bucket list trip done....btw love Singapore, been there a couple of times, stunning place
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