1. BehindBars

    Rant Why Do People Hate Yammie Noob?

    Drama alert. Got a bit wound up by all the hate directed at Yammie after his most recent crash, so did what we do and vlogged it. This is my opinion, at not aimed directly at anyone.
  2. lupin

    Rant Why Do You Unsubscribe.

  3. HippoDrone

    What Is Your Story, Why Are You You?

    This part of the forum is mostly populated with people's first post saying hi and introducing their channel details, but it doesn't (often) say much else about the person. So how have you gotten to this day in your life, how did you end up on a motorbike, being able to afford your current ride...
  4. burlyjack

    General Why I Ride

    A brief video showing my favorite clips and pictures over the past few years. I get people ask me why I take this biker thing so seriously. Well, there's nothing like it really. I hate to sound cliche but if you have to ask you wouldn't understand.
  5. Captain

    General Why I Bought A Yamaha R1

    I've put together a short video to try and explain why I felt the need to purchase a third motorcycle, this time its a 2009 Yamaha R1
  6. JoshAFJ

    General Why Do Video Streaming Services Suck?

    If you're like me you probably subscribe to one or more video streaming services like Netflix or Amazon Prime Video. Have you noticed that quality of shows and movies have been falling over the past months and years? What gives? Do you have a service you really like? Something that's not a...
  7. kev125cc

    Serious Why We Ride

  8. Carmo

    General Harley Haters | Why I Bought A Harley | Different Bikes For Different Riders

    G'day, The title says it all for this one Enjoy!
  9. 3xTread

    New Tires And Why Theyre Dangerous

    so i recently put on a new rear tire and as everyone knows or if you dont know *TAKE IT EASY* lol felt my rear tire slipping a lot and i wasnt even pushing it.. at least i dont think i was :) that residue that they come with can bite you but all is well and i thought id share that.. Anyone have...
  10. Lancey

    Why Do People Actually Watch Moto-vlogs?

    Hello - new to the forum. Long time rider, recently been thinking of giving moto-vlogging a go. And that got me wondering, what is it about moto-vlogging that appeals to the audience? What is it that people get from moto-vlogs that keeps them coming back for more?
  11. Carmo

    Serious Drivers Cutting Off Filtering Motorcyclists . . Why?

    G'day, You'll have to excuse my French in this one as I really have no time for these..... 'people' Enjoy!
  12. lupin

    General Riding Why Injured.

    We all get injured at some stage, should you still ride why in pain?
  13. SalvageSV

    Why You're Getting Wind Noise ...

    So I've seen post after post about wind noise, so I figured I'd just share all of my info in one place. As I've mentioned before, I'm a video professional and have worked with video and audio for around 15 years at this point. In pretty much every case I've seen, the wind noise that...
  14. Ramblin'

    Why Do You Un-sub?

    I just noticed my first 'Un-Sub' ! I know it happens and I am not stressin' but it got me thinking...Why do most people Un-Sub? Why do you Un-Sub from a channel? For me, I will sub to a bunch of motovloggers all at once when I see new people in the comments, live hangouts or suggested...
  15. TamaRider

    Rant Why Do You Have To Scare Me?

    A compilation of bad experiences I had on the road in my country.
  16. Sailormoto

    General Why I Motovlog!

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