1. R-Rated

    Best reply to one my review videos...

    This actually made me snicker because the writer is correct. I have not a reviewed a bike without finding flaws. I guess I am too pragmatic.:cool:
  2. dandoolittle

    A Quick But An Iphone Trolling Competition

    so a mate went on troll and I fell for it. The challenge is this If someone has Siri voice activated on an apple product, they watch a video with audio and the video says "Hey Siri". The person watching the video via the apple product will automatically open up Siri etc...
  3. Shifty

    Best Ever Description Of My Motovlogging Style.

    Bear in mind that I am a 45 year old bloke and to you your 18 year old daughter that is ancient, she described my style as ........ Like some creepy old bloke who sneaks out into the garage at night to have sex with his motorbike ! :p:p:p:p:p Can anybody beat that for an insult ???

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