1. HippoDrone

    General First Ride with the Delkevic Exhaust | Triumph Street Triple 765

    So I snuck out on the Triumph Street Triple 765R the other day to find out what the new exhaust sounded like, and it sounds bloomin awesome by my accounts. Thank you Delkevic and Triumph for making such lovely things!
  2. City Bob

    My Triumph Sprint ST 1050`

    Hi guys & gals! New Member, first post. I'll be sure to pop over the new member section and introduce myself but first things first, here's the bike! Its a 2006 Triumph Sprint ST 1050. Real shame they dont make these anymore, it would be a beast with the Triple RS engine and rider tech such...
  3. WheelyPerd

    Sold my Hypermotard, got a Tiger 800 xcx

    I finally sold my Ducati Hypermotard 939 and bought a Triumph Tiger 800 xcx. I've always enjoyed the Hypermotard, but it was too unbearable on long rides (even 30 mins). I also stay in the middle of nowhere with a gravel road, potholes, etc, so the Hyper was just being damaged. If anyone has...
  4. HippoDrone

    Review Triumph Street Triple 765R [LRH] - Why should you get one?

    The Triumph Street Triple 765R is a very serious beasty.... and with Triumph offering a low ride height version, it is 100% worth considering if like me, you are shorter in the leg! :)
  5. HippoDrone

    Messing around with my Insta360 One X

    Playing with the "Invisible Selfie Stick"
  6. HippoDrone

    Brands Hatch GP

    The only clear session I had:
  7. HippoDrone

    General Finally Got My New Bike! :-)

  8. CasB

    My Triumph Speed Triple

    My lovely Speed Triple T509 during sunset.
  9. HippoDrone

    Review Triumph Street Triple 765 R (Low Ride Height) Test Ride and Thoughts + More

    I popped over to Destination Triumph for their open evening, which was awesome. When I was there I managed to book myself s test ride on the 765 Street Triple, and what a machine it was! Don't forget to select 1440p/60 if your monitor and computer can support it! :-) I know a lot of you don't...
  10. HippoDrone

    What Bike Next?

    With the disappointment of the KTM 790 Duke (unless they launch an "R" version by the time I am able to spend some money), I am struggling with what to go for. Does anyone here have the Triumph Street Triple 765 RS, or ridden one? What are your thoughts on it? Any other suggestions, wants to be...
  11. Jafnhaar

    Serious We Will Remember Them...

    Hey y'all, Did anyone do any biker events over remembrance weekend or on the Sunday? I made a little tribute to show respect to our armed forces old and new while doing the Ring of Red around the M25 trying to create the biggest poppy in the world!!
  12. RoadSprock

    The Bikes

    Aprilia RSVR1000 Triumph Speed Triple 1050 p.s. I'll be back motovlogging soon, it sure has been a while.
  13. whingnut

    General My Music Is Now Oldies :(

    just words...... i have none for this.
  14. LaneSplitr

    General 5 Things I Hate About My Triumph Bonneville

    I sold my Bonneville this past weekend, but not before giving it one last ride and describing all the things I won't miss about it.
  15. LaneSplitr

    General 5 Things I Love About My Triumph Bonneville

    I've been seriously slacking on creating videos about my own bike... so finally... 5 things I love about my Bonneville!
  16. LaneSplitr

    Serious First Motovlog - Bloody Motorcycle Scene

    Just went on a posting spree to hit 20. Here's my first motovlog spurred by a crazy vandalization incident that happened in the middle of the night last week. Enjoy.
  17. 3xTread

    Hey New Motovlogger Here On A 2012 Triumph Daytona!

    Hello everyone my name is TripleTread i motovlog on my 2012 Triumph Daytona and i love it so far! any other triumph motovloggers? im located in the boston area i see and experience a lot of crazy things in the city how about you? just wanted to introduce myself hope to hear from you soon!
  18. Lurch

    Funny Striple Is The Bizz!

    So I did a swap for a while and rode Bizz Motovlogs' Striple R for a bit. I had such a blast, and now I want to swap my Sprint for one (seriously). Enjoy! I did :)
  19. RoadSprock

    Rant Filtering Then Wtf??

  20. I

    Hey From Okanagan, Bc.

    Hey guys, Little intro, I'm Izo and relatively recently started motovlogging in the Okanagan area of BC, Canada. Had some teething issues blocking the wind from my mic and finally have it half-way fixed. Also have a chin curtain on the way to reduce it more. Early days and I'm always looking...
  21. SwissMotard

    Guide Tutoro Install On A Triumph Street Triple

    Tutoro Install On A Triumph Street Triple - Tests & Reviews How to Install the Tutoro Automatic Chain Oiler on a Triumph Street Triple. Many thanks to Tutoro for providing the test unit! Full review coming after 3000kms of testing :)
  22. Lurch

    General Lurch's New Bike (not So) Grand Reveal

    Audio screwed up on the walk round, but hey ho!
  23. Lurch

    Lurch's New Strumpet

    It's arrived!!!! I got a little lob on already! More pics will follow!

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