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  1. WheelyPerd

    Sold my Hypermotard, got a Tiger 800 xcx

    I finally sold my Ducati Hypermotard 939 and bought a Triumph Tiger 800 xcx. I've always enjoyed the Hypermotard, but it was too unbearable on long rides (even 30 mins). I also stay in the middle of nowhere with a gravel road, potholes, etc, so the Hyper was just being damaged. If anyone has...
  2. NomadLad

    General Edge Of The World!!

    Check out my latest video from my trip this summer to the French Alps. This episode is filmed in the famous Vercors! Cheers!
  3. NomadLad

    General Trip From Dublin To France Ep.02: Paris!

    Thanks for watching!
  4. NomadLad

    My '14 Tiger 800

    Here's a few photos of my 2014 tiger 800!

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