1. chrisw959

    General Getting The A2 - Mod 2

    So here's the last video in the series of getting the A2 license. By far the easiest part of the whole process.
  2. 2WDutch

    Serious New External 1 Dollar Mic Test

    A few weeks ago i recieved my cheap ass mic with connector for my Gopro. Also bought a housing with a opening for the connector. The costs: Mic 1 dollar Housing 8 dollar (included mic connector for Gopro 4). I made a short testride with it, with aka Yammie Noob topic 5 mistakes bikers make...
  3. CodeNameAB

    Review 2017 Bmw G310r : Test Ride And Review

    So how does the all new BMW G310R perform? Like I said in the video, they have tried it to make it a beginner friendly everyday bike, meaning, it's smooth, relaxed, easy to ride, good for commuting and should also be good for occasional rides to twisties. The quality of the bike is at par with...
  4. CodeNameAB

    General Bmw G310r Pure Exhaust Note | Acceleration & Top Speed Test

    This baby BMW seems to be quite a capable bike. Sounds pretty decent for a single cylinder (better than Duke 200/390 in lower revs) and as you saw, one should be able to reach a topspeed of 160kmph on speedo on a longer stretch and in better weather conditions! Apart from that, the bike is...
  5. CafeRob81

    General Dirty Hands & Building Fans - 1978 Gs1000

    Haven't said hi here for a while! 2017 has been my first year Motovlogging and boy what a crazy few months already!! Valve adjustments, carb rebuilds, parts arriving, electrical ignition & wiring, pushing the bike on the highway, testing different main jets, boy this year has been...
  6. AmpdMoto

    General First Test With Sena Gopro Backpack

    Random vlog to test the new setup.
  7. IronicRbnd

    Review Yamaha Xsr900 Test Ride

  8. VinCulprit

    Funny Laughter And A Short Vlog

    wait wrong one.... Okay so this is just a bad video I did with the go pro software. No audio, as the stupid sena died.... lesson learned get a lapel mic.... then a short vlog test with audio yay! Nothing really going on in the video. Sadly after 30 minutes I cut it down to 2 minutes ha...
  9. OOmpiMoto

    Feedback Needed External Mic Test

    hey guys..... got my delivery of accessories today. did a quick mic test tonight and a differnet camera postion left me know what you think I only rendered at 720 to keep the file size down
  10. Dark Rider

    Guide Ktm 990 Super Duke Test Ride And Pillion Experience

    I got a lift on the back of FixITwithC4's 1290 Super Duke R as I have no bike and whats a better sight than 2 men on bike.... :P
  11. Dark Rider

    General Third Person Cam And Mic Test

    Just testing out my rig on my new bike as well as an under seat mic option. Let me know what you think.
  12. Lurch

    Today's Test Ride/loaner

    Went for a new chain and sprocket kit today, got loaned this is the rain. What an awesome fun bike!! 2016 Street Triple Rx

    Funny Suzuki Test Rides!

    Today we take a little adventure to test out some Suzuki motorcycles. WDFitsmalcolm and myself seeing what kind of trouble we can get into. Thanks to Suzuki for the test ride. was fun to get out on the GSXR 750 and Suzuki Boulevard t109. WDFit'sMalcolm: https://www.youtube.com/user/TehKunkaKid...
  14. CodeNameAB

    General What Happens When You Test Ride Your Dream Bike?

    The S1000RR was the bike I always dreamt of owning one day and this test ride was just to assure myself before I took the plunge! I will be posting a longer first impressions video about this bike soon, but this video almost sums up everything! :D I did end up buying one as you can see on my...
  15. QShifter

    Funny My First Mt-09 Tracer Test Drive ( Gone Wild)

    Hey, My friend bought an MT-09 Tracer, so called me and said why dont you ride it. MT-09 really took my mind :D that sound, that power ! Dont forget the open English CC
  16. Meifesto

    Music Zero Fx Test Ride

    Test ride of the electric Zero FX motorcycle; With music this time
  17. Mosin636

    Review Test Ride R1 Washing Away The Sorrows Of My 636

    Meeting up with a guy on craigslist to discuss some details about his 2000 Yamaha R1. Short test ride because camera was in wrong mode :( Feels great to be back on two wheels.

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