1. LoneWolfer

    Wrapping Some Pipes on Michelle and Sora

    I didn't have a whole lot of spare time this past winter like previous years, so I've been packing in maintainance the past two weeks and this particular modification is looking pretty good to me! I decided to upgrade from the traditional exhaust wrap which is made from fiberglass to the Design...
  2. DangerousD

    Re introducing my self DangerousDmoto

    Hey everyone. So im technically not new but I only made a handful of videos and have been inactive for almost a year now. I have recently got back into making videos now and feel much happier with the quality I have achieved. I have a new bike, and vlogging setup. I look forward to being active...
  3. Jafnhaar

    Review Suzuki Gsx-r1000 Review

    Few months back I reviewed the NEW 2017 GSX-R1000!! Sweet bike. I was wondering if any of you do reviews and if so, have you had any dramas with getting a bike out on a test ride....??? Thank you in advance :D
  4. Meifesto

    Review Suzuki V-strom 650 Review

    Got my hands on a 2016 Suzuki V-strom 650 for a review. Really did my best on this one. Still room for improvement, but i'm getting noticable better and better. So, with out further hold up:
  5. Jafnhaar

    Review New 2017 Suzuki Gsx R1000 Review

    Reviewed the New Suzuki GSX R1000 for the 2017 year! I think it was only just released where I managed to bagsy a test ride :) Was very lucky and was by chance I got to have a go.... Had to put a deposit down of £1000 to be able to test ride it at the time :p Luckily no scratches ;):eek::D
  6. burlyjack

    General Keep Your Head Up

    I pick up my dad's Suzuki Intruder to do some work to it and go on disorganized tangent about staying positive! :) You all are awesome!
  7. milku

    Just Showing Off My Suzuki Gsr 400 Xd

    Do check out my Asia Roadtrip Motovlog too! Milku_gonoob
  8. Reize

    Review 2006 Suzuki Drz400sm Review

    After a year fooling around on this bike I decided to do a review of my DRZ. It's a simple review, just outlining how it fares against a 2015 WR250X in my humble personal opinion. It shouldn't be any different against say a 2016-2017 DRZ since it's pretty much the same bike since 2005.
  9. R

    New Vlogger Riding In Oregon Usa

    Howdy! Im Redbeardsv. Ive been riding for the last 3 or 4 years, but just recently started motovlogging. I enjoy traveling and riding with friends. You wont see me doing a wheelie down the freeway at a buck forty, but youll get some good ole westcoast scenery, and interesting videos. I try...
  10. MotoCafe

    Feedback Needed Suzuki Tu250x, My Wife's Birthday, And A Ferris Wheel

    I just uploaded another captivating episode of Moto Cafe to the Tube. I don't have any feedback on my videos yet so I could use some insight. Bad? Good? Boring? Wish there was more...? Let me know what you like, dislike, and want to see more of.
  11. Tash

    Music Things Are Changing.

    This is a different take on my video making, completely fell out my comfort zone I guess. I'm just really after feedback, whether it works, whether you liked it or didn't. I found it super difficult to get cuts in on time. I would REALLY appreciate some feedback, as all this is new, albeit...

    Funny Suzuki Test Rides!

    Today we take a little adventure to test out some Suzuki motorcycles. WDFitsmalcolm and myself seeing what kind of trouble we can get into. Thanks to Suzuki for the test ride. was fun to get out on the GSXR 750 and Suzuki Boulevard t109. WDFit'sMalcolm:
  13. Tash

    Suzuki Gsf600s Bandit

    This was a quick, impromptu session that I did on an old airfield. I'd like to do it again, but with a clean bike. If anyone in the UK wants to meet for some photos... let me know. I'm always down to shoot new things.
  14. SalvageSV

    General Finally ... The Bike. Mv #04

    MV #04 is live! I finally give some attention to the bike with details of the replaced parts and rebuild process. Also, it comes with a cool new intro! Let me know what you think.
  15. IvanZar

    Keeway Superlight Le And Suzuki Marauder

    With a few modifications, now I can go in higways ;)
  16. DeltaGT

    Touring Videos Based In Hessia, Germany

    Hey you! I'm from Frankfurt (a.M.), Germany and I started making some Travel Vids/Vlogs without talking, but with text comments concerning the tours/areas I ride, to present nice riding roads in Germany and elsewhere. In most cases I add a Maps link in the description, to show where exactly I...