1. DB Moto

    Sneak peak at unreleased video

    I'm yet to edit the video this image is from (among many others)... but I'd like to share it with y'all first, because you're cool like that :cool:
  2. chrisw959

    Fog and Sunrise

    Snapped another sunrise shot after a night shift
  3. R-Rated

    General Almost magical sometimes

    I love being in the moment sometimes...
  4. HippoDrone

    General Chasing The Sunrise: Dawn At Deal Castle

    I had planned on completing an "Iron Butt Challenge" for this ride, but ye gods were against me.... Still, it was bloomin awesome to get out and go on an adventure travelling to the East Coast of the UK to watch the sun come up.... and with the added bonus of hitting 3 flippin awesome castles on...

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