1. HippoDrone

    YouTube Logos - I got me a new one! :D

    One of my subscribers very kindly offered to do a redesign on my logo for me, and she has done an amazing job of it too. I think I'll now be able to get stickers etc made as before the image was not of a high enough clarity. She has also added my channel name and custom URL to it for me, propa...
  2. BeardGiant

    General My First Channel Stickers Are Here

    I received my first batch of channel stickers, one is "The Bearded Giant Motosports" and second is "The Bearded Giant" Ready to Swap Stickers!
  3. soulless

    How To Sell Stickers?

    Hey everyone, i'm "iamsoulless" from YouTube and Instagram and I just ordered some channel stickers and I'm trying to find out the best way to sell them. Does everyone just personally mail them or is there a site for stuff like this? I would appreciate any advice!

    Along Side Motovlogging I Made Stickers As Well....

    If anyone is interested in having die cut single color stickers made to promote yourself or your youtube let me know. Always happy to help fellow vloggers. KB
  5. HippoDrone

    Got My 1st Motovlog Mail Today!

    ..... and it came from a member on here: @CafeRob81 Thanks buddy, it is awesome. Will post a vid over the next few days (am on nights at the mo so all a bit topsy-turvy at the moment in my brain!) :D I love the name plate carved in wood! :D
  6. BehindBars

    General I Got Stickers Made!

    Got some stickers made up, just a quick vlog about them
  7. Shadowfoot

    100 Sub Giveaway!!! Free Money & Stickers!!!

    I HAVE HIT 100 SUBS !!! I am so happy that this has happened so i have made this giveaway video for my fans... there is allot of stickers to giveaways and chances to win Visa gift cards...
  8. CJs

    I Need Somewhere To Sell My Stickers

    G'day I want to get some stickers made up for my viewers and I don't know where to sell them I thought of eBay but they have a fee, Facebook don't really want to go there, but Facebook will be the last option if I can't think of anything else. Thanks, CJ
  9. mykb93

    Helmet Flag Stickers

    Just finished up a couple of helmet flags and now is your chance to have a pair for your lid. The American flag looks scratched up... it is... I crashed in this helmet at the race track but it still looks good. Let me know if you have any questions...
  10. mykb93

    Custom Motovlogger Stickers

    well since I am up to my eyeballs in @JohnnyGrom stickers for winning my giveaway, I wanted everyone to get their own stickers. You can click HERE and order your own. And at checkout use the code: "motovlog" to get 10% off. If you have any questions, send me a message.
  11. NastyEvilNinja

    Get You Stickers Somewhere It Matters!

    Some of you will know that I had a crack at racing on 4 wheels last year in the UK Formula Vee Championship. For this season I aim to do the full year (7 rounds and 14 races) and make a bit of an impression on things, having picked up a few top 10 finishes in my first ever go in a car on track...
  12. ChunksLife

    Music Sticker Swap :)

    thanks to every one involved in the sticker swap. sorry about the bad lighting.
  13. JohnnyGrom

    Who Has Channel Stickers?

    I'm looking to see who has stickers? Im planning on putting stickers all over my bike like Jake the Garden Snake did to his 450. To buy that many stickers Itd cost way to much. Who would be willing to send me some stickers? I plan on making stickers when my channel gets bigger so when I do Id...
  14. ChunksLife

    Sticker Swap.

    any one intrested in a sticker swap let me know and pm me where you want them sent and i will reply in kind ..
  15. lupin

    Making Some Effort For 2016

    Decided 2016 is the year of me making a effort with Motovloging. So far I have, Done a new intro. Made a new channel trailer. Ordered Stickers (mostly for myself) Signed up for every form of social media I can think of. Got all the bits needed to mount a 2nd camera on the bike, I have had a...
  16. BluePixel

    Stickers. Sell Or Giveaway?

    After reading another sticker thread it got me thinking. Those of you who do have your own stickers. Do you sell, swap or give them away?

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