1. Arctic Pride

    Sony Action Cam Mic/side Mount?

    Anyone running the 4k action cam on side mount with mic setup? Interested in seeing the case mod e/t/c. I've seen one for the older one with the mic on the bottom but the new one has it at the back.
  2. SighBored

    Sony Stereo Microphones Feedback

    Hey guys, I have been using the Sony ECM-DS70P stereo microphone for a while now, they are absolutely great to me. I'm currently in the market for another stereo microphone for another device, and truth be told, I wouldn't mind getting another ECM-DS70P (will be my 3rd, all are functioning...
  3. KittenMeat

    New Sony Fdr X3000 Action Cam?

    anyone else on this? Looks like it has the real deal image stabilizer from sony! With all the problems folks have had with their hero5, and my own complaints about the ergonomics of my hero4, as well as the clunky terrible gopro software for my session...I'm willing to jump ship. I know the...
  4. Frootiboot

    Help! I Can't Get Good Youtube Quality!

    Alright man, I just got my first action camera and I'm getting seriously demotivated already. The camera that I am using is a Vikeepro 4k Action Camera. It is not a real GoPro, but the camera is not the problem. The videos themselves are recorded in 1080p 60fps, and they look absolutely stunning...
  5. Shadowfoot

    Sony Action Cams , Better Then Go Pro For Motovlogs? + How Do You Mount Your Cam

    I have had both SAC and GP's and i have given both a fair shot ... I came to the conclusion that SAC is better for multiple reasons 1.SHAPE its not going to be a block on the side or top of your head 2.ACCESS Using a skeleton bracket you have access to a 3.5mm jack and on the go charging...
  6. Mosin636

    How Did You Learn How To Edit??? (hopefully Not A Repeat)

    I use Sony Vegas Pro just wondering how others learned to use some of the more in depth programs. I am pretty tech savy but have trouble in areas like pop up pictures such as meme/troll faces and things. I also want to learn useful tips I cant even think of or think to look for. So how did you...

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