1. DangerousD

    94 Honda Shadow

    Here are some shots of my 1994 Honda Shadow VLX 600. First is at the Ottawa Aviation museum before swapping out the bars. Second is on Bate Island between Ontario and Quebec with my drag bars
  2. BlakShadow

    Guide Swapping Shifters

    The Honda Shadow ACE 1100 came with a proper heel/toe shifter for a cruiser. The previous owner of my bike cut the heel portion off. I bought a replacement shifter off eBay for $14 to return it to its original functionality.
  3. Tash

    General Would You Spare 1 Min?

    Literally doing EVERYTHING I can to keep things AS SHORT AS POSSIBLE. It's also good practice for me to stop talking too much. Let me know what you think. I'm gradually adding new camera angles, creative ways to cut and other shit... Took on feedback from the last one too -exit fades out...
  4. Scottyos

    A Canadian Cruiser (#yeg)

    Hey there everyone! I'm Scottyos from Edmonton Alberta Canada, just getting into motovlogging. For me personally riding is a great way to escape from my mind running a hundred miles a minute. I'm still getting things sorted out but have a few videos on youtube, Still working on getting all the...
  5. Sidewinder

    2011 Honda Shadow Rs.

    My Shadow at the beach in Malibu, CA.
  6. Sidewinder

    Myou Honda Shadow Vt750rs.

    Hi Guys! I'm new here though I would post a pic of my ride! Pic was taken just down the road from the Rock Store.

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