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    Funny Say What About Loud Pipes?!

    Since I am planning on sleeping in tomorrow (although it may work out otherwise) I am publishing this gem early. This video provides video proof how loud pipes could save a life. - Have Fun
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    Funny Camera Angles Gone Wrong

    Just poking a bit of fun at our genre of YouTube. This is a spoof video. Feel free to come up with some of your own bad angles. Who knows, there might be a new trend just waiting perhaps? - Have Fun
  3. R-Rated

    What Do You Think?

    Toying with using this in a video pointing out some things to avoid while being a motovlogger. Kind of a don't be like Dick filmstrip. You all are welcome to use it too!
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    Funny Do Not Vote For Any Motovlogger For President

    There are just too many motorcycles as witnessed here . . . Vote no on more! :p

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