1. LoneWally

    RTTW 2018

    Seems I can't even go on small route without getting snapped.
  2. LoneWally

    General Armed Forces Day Ride 2018

    I've upload a few pictures from the day but not the video. So here it is.
  3. LoneWally

    Armed Forces Day Ride In

    Not very often do I get snapped up on the bike. At least I don't look like a clown on this bike. My old moped I used to like a clown on that.
  4. LoneWally

    Air Brushed Bikes

    A couple of high detailed air brush jobs on two fellow wallers bikes. Taken on the D3100 and edited in Phtoshop to make the details stand out
  5. LoneWally

    General Ride To The Wall (rttw) 2017

    As I mentioned before I was plaaning on going to RTTW this year. I did and it was not only a great day out but the sights of all the bikes out was mind blowing. Apologies for not making much sense in the video but I do plan and making another vlog where I make more sense. ukbikerphotos took...
  6. LoneWally

    Ride To The Wall (rttw) 2017

    I made a video mentioning RTTW and since it is this Saturday (7th October 2017) was wondering if anyone else was coming. All info is here - https://www.rttw.org/
  7. LoneWally

    General Rttw 2017

    This year I'm going to Ride To The Wall (RTTW). Is there anyone else going?

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