1. MotoGinji

    General NLB Rideout, the cops pulled 200 bikers over!!! | MotoGinji |

    In todays Motovlog, we join other bikers and goto the No Limit Bikerz (NLB) rideout! It was fun and awesome. There were 200 bikes, and they suddenly did donuts and burnouts in the middle of the highway. The police showed up and blocked the road XD 200 bikers at a sudden standstill, and after a...
  2. MotoGinji

    Funny A Ride with MotoGinji!

    We came together with a couple of followers from instagram and did a small MotoGinji rideout. There would have been more people IF THE FREAKING WEATHER DIDN'T MESS WITH OUT PLANS!!!!!
  3. voodoo

    Aberdeen, Scotland

    Just thought I'd let anyone nearby know of a regular ride that we do here. We meet every Sunday morning at 10am at the Asda car park in Garthdee and head off about 10:30 to where ever takes our fancy. This isn't specifically for vloggers, all are welcome and if you get some good footage out of...