1. illproducr

    Question On Topics When Motovlogging

    Do you guys have a preset topic to talk about when you hop on the bike or do you just freestyle? I tend to like to talk about my surroundings as things are easier to talk about rather than keeping to some sort of script. What is the best approach?
  2. ZBrazil

    Should You Start On A 600cc? Wrong Question

    I've seen this question or something similar a ton from beginners on here as well as outside of this forum. CC's aren't everything and shouldn't be used as the sole gauge for what motorcycle you should start on. I created a video summarizing the best beginner bikes in my opinion and how you...
  3. OOmpiMoto

    To Stabilize Or Not To Stabilize? | That Is The Question

    I was just going through some of my raw footage looking for content to put in my next motovlog. What I noticed is that footage seems a little rough from the road conditions. eg. bumps are beign transfered too much for my liking. I have previewed the auto video stabilization of YouTube, but it...
  4. 13 CEME

    Helmets - Airflow - Motovlogging

    What helmets do you find flow the last amount of air?

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