1. DudaGsxr

    Hello My Name It S Dudagsxr...

    Thank you for accepting me on this forum. Im from Portugal/Lisbon and you can find me on Youtube as DudaGsxr and I have several themes in the world of 2 wheels. Subscribe ;) Peace
  2. Sharktank

    Channel Name Concern

    So, a friend of mine pointed out that there's a show on ABC here in the US called Shark Tank. I don't watch TV unless it's sports so I had no idea. So it caused me to think of a couple things. 1. I wonder if people think I ripped off the name. I didn't and I don't know if I even care about that...
  3. L

    Hello My Name Is Loki (lokiridez)...hello Loki...haha

    I'm just getting started in the MotoVlog game, and not quite functional yet. None the less I am here. I have some (I feel) very interesting ideas that (I also feel) are very original. I'll upday the forum on some of my antics as they happen (in the appropriate area of the forum of course). Let's...
  4. WingManGT

    Using The Name Of A Bigger Channel As A Tag

    Since I've started doing videos, I've installed tubeBuddy and as a result I can see the tags of every video. As a result I've started noticing that many (if not all) of the fast growing channels use bigger channel names as a tag. example: Lets say I make video and use :joego101, doitwithdan...
  5. Frankie J

    My 2nd Post! Hello Everybody =)

    Hi! My name is Andrew and I have been riding motorcycles since I was about 9; I'm almost 22 now and am still going strong! I decided to join this forum in order to become a part of an online community I guess that shares topics with something I love, can't wait to start interacting with everyone!
  6. ChrisRides

    Youtube Name

    I'm in need of a unique MotoVlog name.i cant seem to think of one... can you help?
  7. M

    Looking For The Name Of A Motovlogger

    Hi, Wondering if anyone can help me find the name of a motovlogger. I watched quite a few months ago and really enjoyed his videos. He was American I think, rode a red MV Agusta and used drones and posted videos of himself at work. I'm certain that he didn't hide his face either!
  8. BasicSquid

    Her Name Is Jaki, 2015 Fz07

    This is my main squeeze Jaki. Shes a 2015 FZ07. Shes mostly stock minus a few things. as of right now ive put 6681 miles on her <3
  9. MIcruiser

    General 100 Subs And How I Broke My Channel Name

    Thank you to everybody that has watched and subbed my channel. I never thought I would be this far this soon since I dont conform to the "popular norm" of the motovlogging community. This forum has been a huge help to me and I want to be able to help and motivate new comers, as you guys did...
  10. T_motovlog

    Hi Everyone . Indonesian Motovloger

    Hi Everyone . My name is Tedjo and i'am from Bojonegoro Indonesian . u guys mostly just know about bali but in out there's many beautifull place to be visited . oh btw Bojonegoro located at East java . so that's it . sorry for my bad language :D
  11. SevenCube

    Name Change

    I recently created my channel on YouTube. Is it possible for me to change my name here to the channel name? I'm not sure if this has been discussed before, couldn't find it. If it has, can you please share the link to the thread.
  12. SevenCube

    How Do You Come Up With A Channel Name?

    I know that a Channel name isn't a big deal. It's not something that people will not watch you for, nor does it impact you. Still, how did you guys think up your channel name? I need to think of the name to take that first damn step!

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