1. MaximMotor

    Motovlogger From Canada Plus Custom Bikes!

    Hey guys! I'm new to this forum and just released my first motovlog. I'm very excited to release more videos! Eventually I will have my motovlogs on custom bikes that I built and feature custom bikes builds that I do in my garage. If you guys want to check me out search me up on youtube at Maxim...
  2. LoneWolfer

    General Motorcycles And Tomahawks!

    Not at the same time but possibly soon. For now I just wnated to share my love of both and some fun shots I took with my gopro duct taped to a tomahawk handle. Let me know what you folks think, thanks.
  3. Frankie J

    My 2nd Post! Hello Everybody =)

    Hi! My name is Andrew and I have been riding motorcycles since I was about 9; I'm almost 22 now and am still going strong! I decided to join this forum in order to become a part of an online community I guess that shares topics with something I love, can't wait to start interacting with everyone!
  4. HippoDrone

    Funny I'm Wetter Than You....

    I took the mickey out of a fellow motovlogger who also rides the same bike as me, karma bit me on the bum! :D
  5. JBH

    Funny Large Open Area + Motorcycles = Fun!

    We found an amazing spot to fool around, practise and most of all have fun!!
  6. IronicRbnd

    Funny Another Breakdown!

  7. IronicRbnd

    General Port Dover Friday 13th, 2016

    25 bikes joined us in Toronto to ride to the annual Friday 13th Port Dover Bike meet, the event was insane with thousands of bikes and people all sharing in their love of motorcycles. Special Thanks to every one of the riders who joined us on the ride from Toronto, was awesome getting to meet...
  8. BurntRuber

    Funny How I Got Into Motorcycles And Some Burnt Rubber

    Tell the story of how i got into riding motorcycles. also show me getting better at wheelies and doing a burnout on my new tire. i also see a ricer and show the future of my Drz400.
  9. Sidewinder

    General Out On A Ride.

    Out on a ride.

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