1. Fulltilt

    Motovlog mic set up?

    Hey guys! Does anyone have any links to what they think are the best quality mics for a GoPro motovlog setup? Thanks!
  2. JW Gortney

    Mic Help.

    I'm new to the motovlogging world. I've been riding for a long time and it is one of my favorite things to do. I spend a lot more time on two wheels than four. I've tried several different things to try and make my speech audible with no success. Currently it is wrapped in Poly-Fill (used for...
  3. fazer_1000

    Audio Setup - Recorder Vs. Just Mic

    I'm guessing this is something that's been debated here to the bone, but I'll ask still. When I decided I'll Vlog while riding, I set a rule that audio is paramount, and must be top quality-ish. Tried in the past to record with a lav mic to my GoPro 4 Black with no success (found out recently...
  4. Srider

    New Uk Motovloger!

    Hey guys, I'm suffolkrider and I'm new to the motovloging world and have just started a youtube channel , now waiting in a new mic adapter for my gopro because the cheap one didn't work! Here's my channels link with a test video YouTube channel: suffolkrider Thank you friends
  5. Abay

    The Quest For Clean And Constant Leveled Audio

    I'm having a hard time trying to get my audio loud enough and still clean. I use an aputure a.lav mic connected to my phone for capturing separate audio from my gopro, and I place my deadcat-ed mic right in front of my mouth on the chin bar. When I do vlogs sometimes I speak softly sometimes I...
  6. 2WDutch

    Serious New External 1 Dollar Mic Test

    A few weeks ago i recieved my cheap ass mic with connector for my Gopro. Also bought a housing with a opening for the connector. The costs: Mic 1 dollar Housing 8 dollar (included mic connector for Gopro 4). I made a short testride with it, with aka Yammie Noob topic 5 mistakes bikers make...
  7. Demonik

    Dealing With Plosives And The Tradeoff With Wind Noise

    A little background: My Masters was Music Technology, Innovation and Production. With that, I work in Foley and Sound Design for Hollywood and video games. I'm not new to mics and working with costuming on and off set, so I'd like to get the most desirable voice quality for youtube viewers that...
  8. WingManGT

    Jk Mic-j 044 Or Giant Squid Lav Mic

    Hello, it seems that my issues may be due to the mic I'm trying to use as I've tried everything and still can't get it to sound the way I'd like it to. So its time to get a quality mic. Have anyone used any of the above mentioned. I hear good reviews on the Giant Squid and some motovloggers are...
  9. Timaaay

    External Mic Box

    First-time poster here! So, I've been looking to get into motovlogging for a while now; Offroad, at least for the time being, until I can get my license. I don't have a lot of money, so I've been considering purchasing a geekpro eov1 camera and a Sony ECM-ES3 mic. The only problem with this...
  10. WingManGT

    General New Camera Angle, New Mic Setup, Less Wind Noise And Lots Of Enthusiasm

    Hi guys, I've posted a new video yesterday trying a bunch of stuff based on your suggestions and a bit of research. I now have a new camera angle showing more of the environment (now shooting in 1080p60 SuperView), I've moved my microphone again and added a chin curtain, so wind noise shouldn't...
  11. HippoDrone

    Gopro Hero 5 Black & Hero 5 Session External Mic Fix

    How to fix the one-touch record issue when running an external microphone....
  12. Arctic Pride

    Converting Mic Tip?

    So I've noticed that the GoPro does not take the 3 lip (sorry don't know the tech term) tip mic's but the 2 are ok. Is it possible to cut the end off and replace it (solder) with one with 2 lips instead of 3? My understanding is that the 3rd lip is for audio control like on a phone, however the...
  13. sil3ntr

    Go Pro Mic Audio

    Ok folks, just did a quick test with the the Audio Technica ATR3350iS Onmidirectional Lavalier mic that just arrived. Noticed in premier pro and headphones that all my audio is in the right channel only ? I am using what I think is a 10 pin (as advertised on ebay) USB mic adapter then into the...
  14. HippoDrone

    Gopro Hero 5 Black Mic Positioning

    I have just received through the post one of those dead mouse furry mic covers so thought I'd do a sound test. Should really have done a back to back with how I had it before to see if there is an improvement or not and tbh the proof is in the pudding so need to test it on bike in the wind. I...
  15. WingManGT

    Bluetooth Mic

    Hi guys, I'm yet to start making vlogs as the roads around here are still covered in snow and ice. I'm using this to work on my setup, currently I have a Garmin Virb Ultra 30 which will be chin mounted in the next couple of days. This cam supports Bluetooth microphones which is one of the main...
  16. Sportster

    Reduce Gain For Mic On Gopro 4

    Does anyone know how to reduce the gain on directly on the GO PRO 4 My mic sounds good but just picking up too much gain Is it too close to my mouth?
  17. C

    Mic Options? New Vlogger

    Afternoon all. I got myself a Drift Stealth and quickly noticed there is no mic :-( Any cheap options for mics i can use? Ive no worries matching up audio to picture etc but any tips on easy making would be brilliant Thanks
  18. C

    Mic Setup & Editing Software

    Hi all, just need abit of advice on how to create a decent quality and reliable mic setup. I'm new to this but my current set up is as follows: Drift Stealth 2 camera Bell MX-9 Adventure Helmet I think I'm going to have to have an external mic system which won't like into the camera, but can...
  19. SHDXB7

    Gopro Helmet And Mic Setup Easy Guide

    Gopro Helmet and Mic Setup easy Guide For beginner motovloggers. I will be posting motovlogs based on providing cost and vlogging effective methods to make motovlogging more fun :)
  20. 4CRA

    Gopro Hero 5 External Mic Adapter

    Heres my hero 5 helmet setup, just got it all setup today, the external mic adapter isn't that big but it's still a brick lol
  21. Zeus

    Buying A Cheap Sena Replacement Mic To Use With Your Gopro

    Ok, I've been battling with cheap £1 mics from China for too long. I've noticed on ebay that you can buy a replacement mic for your sena kit for around £10 - £20 (depending on whether it is boomed or just stuck to your chin bar) AND the older kits use a standard headphone jack which will plug...
  22. O

    Custom Mic On Sena 20s W/ Gp10?

    Has anyone spliced their own microphone onto the sena 20s and recorded audio with the GP10? I really like the GP10/20s combo but it's just not picking up enough ambient noise for my liking (conversations with people on the street, engine noise from a quiet-ish bike, traffic noise, etc)
  23. Dark Rider

    General My Motovlogging Camera And Mic Setup

    This video was requested by a subscriber and since I had just recently changed my whole setup I thought now would be a good time to make the video. Check it out!
  24. OOmpiMoto

    Feedback Needed External Mic Test

    hey guys..... got my delivery of accessories today. did a quick mic test tonight and a differnet camera postion left me know what you think I only rendered at 720 to keep the file size down
  25. Broadsword

    Help! I Have Some Microphone Enquiries

    I'm deciding between the Drift Ghost S or the Hero 4 Session. I understand that the Drift has an external mic jack for you to plug your mic, but I want the Session because of it's camera quality and pricing. Assume I do get a Hero 4 session. I understand there is absolutely no way an external...

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