1. SpyFinity

    I went out tonight with one goal

    About a week ago I put together a set of business cards that has all my social media accounts on it and my YouTube channel. Today, they arrived in the mail. When I ordered these business cards I told myself that the night that I get them that I would take the first fifty out of the box and go...
  2. AmpdMoto

    Serious Change Your Life

  3. Jafnhaar

    Feedback Needed Is Bike Life Being Ruined?

    Hi all, Made a little video talking about bike life and whether it's being ruined by the crime that has started off in London but is hitting all major cities in the UK! Does anyone else have a feedback on this? Thanks for watching
  4. Superballs

    Exciting But Stressful Life Events

    Hi guys, So it's very likey that I'm handing in my resignation at work today. I've decided that 11 years in IT is about all I can take and am transitioning into Tool and Mold making. I'm submitting a counter-offer to the company that is offering an apprenticeship because what they are...
  5. burlyjack

    General Life Update- 20 Subs!

    I've reached 20 subs! Thank you all for your support you guys rock!
  6. SwissMotard

    Life Is Magnificent!

    Well I had to pop out to test my new boots and gloves. I love having this 15 minutes from my front door.
  7. burlyjack

    General Surprise!

    It's been awhile since I've posted. I haven't been very active here lately because life is hard. Enjoy!
  8. AdoboMoto

    General The Reality Of The Two Wheel Life

    just a recollection video of how i made and lost a friend in one day...
  9. Shifty

    Ghost -s Extended Battery Life Tip.

    Although the camera outlasts the GoPro by double, when my battery ran eventually ran out I just connected the camera via a USB cable to a powerful battery bank 8400 KA (Pebble) charger in my pocket and then it lasted the rest of the day.
  10. B

    Lost Mid Life Crisis

    What's up? I go by Florida Boilermaker. I started a Youtube channel not to long ago. I put some vids out trying to figure this whole thing out, but shortly after I started I ran into a few snags that made me not want to post up till now. I reside in a small town in Central Florida. Not to much...
  11. MIcruiser

    General Life Update

    Quick update for everybody on what has been going on in my life.
  12. Flyboy

    Funny New Channel, New Bike, New Divorce: Life Is Good

    Hey Everyone, Here is the latest video on my new channel. Hope you enjoy. Give me some feedback. I'd really appreciate it. Thanks, NinjaFlyboy
  13. Bang Jo

    Funny Motovlogger's Life

    Need suggestion and comment Thank you
  14. Hornet 900

    New To The Life

    Hello everbody, I have been riding dirt bikes since I was 14, was out of it for a few years but just recently bought a 2007 CB900F Hornet and am rigged up for Moto Vlogging. Lee Modoc, SC
  15. Sailormoto

    Funny Life After My Crash!

    So this is a bit of a laugh but i thought id make one of those sad charity adverts only with myself as the focus and the only issue being i don't have my bike and I'm bored. Thought you might enjoy.... ....I laughed anyway!
  16. Marden

    My Biggest Pet Peeve In Life

    For some reason, this thing gets on my nerves more than most things in life. And that thing is people's logic into claiming you don't have a full driving license because you can't drive a car, only a bike. Does this get to anyone else because I get into full on arguments over this topic because...
  17. TriumfAnt

    What If You Woke Up In A Video Game?

    Tomorrow morning you wake up in the last video game you played. This is now your life. Describe your first day. I'll go first; Alien: Isolation - I survive for 5 minutes before getting killed while vainly trying to hide in a locker.

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