General Melbourne Motoexpo 2016 Part 4

  2. dandoolittle

    A Quick But An Iphone Trolling Competition

    so a mate went on troll and I fell for it. The challenge is this If someone has Siri voice activated on an apple product, they watch a video with audio and the video says "Hey Siri". The person watching the video via the apple product will automatically open up Siri etc...
  3. kryten

    Looking For An Iphone App To Read Notes While Vlogging.

    Does anyone else use an iPhone or Android app to read notes while vlogging? I'm not looking to read a script or anything. I just want something that I can use like cue cards so I can make an outline to keep me on topic. There are lots of times I want to talk about a specific topic and then...
  4. Motorpsych

    General Diy Iphone Chest Mount - Where It All Started

    This was made a year ago. I rigged up 4 harbinger hooks to rubber straps and hooked my iPhone to my backpack straps to shoot this test video. I tried a number of other times to capture video of some of my rides with my phone to no avail. One year later I have a Gopro set up and have my first...

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