1. D-Cycle

    Another Route 66 Photo!

  2. R-Rated

    Serious H-D and 2019...

    If have not yet, check out Matt Laidlaw's video of the 2019 HD dealer show presentation. It is an hour long but if you are into marketing and motorcycles you might find it interesting. Here is my take on a few key points including touring bikes (big surprise), the plans Harley has for the Asian...
  3. chrisw959

    Nothing needs to be said

  4. R-Rated

    Good morning lovely...

  5. R-Rated

    Funny Are You Looking For Another Bike?

    Sometimes we need a reason to get another motorcycle so here is one possible point...
  6. roddenby51

    Fxbb Softail Street Bob

    FXBB Softail Street Bob... Thursday morning ride to Gibson Park in Hamilton Co., Florida. Traded Softail Heritage and Vespa 300 ie for the FXBB, new style Softail frame and M8 engine.
  7. R-Rated

    Screen Grab From A Project

    Working on a project and captured this:
  8. R-Rated

    General The Ladies Of Harley Is Cool

    So did you know that Harley-Davidson supports women riders? The LOH is cool and does lead activities at times.

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