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  1. humes

    General Dainese Druid 3 Gloves | Motorcycle Gear Review

    Today I review the gloves I've been wearing full-time since early spring as a 2 or 3 season glove (spring, fall, most of summer). These are my third pair of gloves (I have alpine stars and revit gloves as well that are great for hot summer and cold winter, respectively). I talk about...
  2. humes

    Review Dainese Smart Jacket: A $700 airbag vest | Motorcycle Gear Review #1

    @Gemini from the forums recommended I look into an airbag vest a few weeks ago in another thread. I took his advice and bought it about two weeks ago, using it now for about a week. I put together this video on my initial impressions. Spoiler is that I'm happy with it.