1. HippoDrone

    Review 2018 in Review + I'm Giving Away a Free Drone! :-)

    Thank you to all who have followed my channel and watched it grow. Happy Christmas and here's to an awesome 2019.
  2. MotoCafe

    Free Editing Program - Avid Media Composer First

    Avid Media Composer has been the professional standard for decades, but up until recently has been priced WAY out of reach of the hobby editor. But as luck would have it, Avid recently released a FREE version of their software called Media Composer First, and it's not a trial version either...
  3. WingManGT

    Funny How To Make Your Bike Faster For Free

    Yay more videos :). This time I give you a how-to guide to making your bike faster for free. p.s. I don't feel like posting all my videos here, so I have a fun one when I got caught by the rain. Feel free to check it out in my channel :)
  4. dandoolittle

    Image Editing For Free - With Image Sources

    I don't really edit images as I have a couple of designers if I ever need them. However, I thought I'd jot down a couple of free ways to gain better graphics, without owning software - Kets face it, some of you are in budgets and for most, it's a hobby! For editing photos, you have a few...
  5. HippoDrone

    Free Trackday For Someone Who Can Do A Vlog Review
  6. Shadowfoot

    100 Sub Giveaway!!! Free Money & Stickers!!!

    I HAVE HIT 100 SUBS !!! I am so happy that this has happened so i have made this giveaway video for my fans... there is allot of stickers to giveaways and chances to win Visa gift cards...
  7. dandoolittle

    Quoted £150 To Get Free Sat Working.. I Used A Hammer

    So I don't watch a lot of live TV, apart from eastenders. I'm living in the sticks so internet can sometimes be very hit and miss etc. Having TV as a back up is a gold mine...However, I live in the sticks so normal TV is also hit and miss. Discovered my new house has a Sat Dish - I'm tight...
  8. BasicSquid

    Funny Road To Born Free 8

    So I decided to pick up motovlogging as a hobby recently. This is me and some friends getting lost on the road to born free 8 in Lake Forest, CA. Let me know what you guys think.
  9. Grimfaith

    Funny Get $40 Worth Of Free Gift Cards & Go-kart Pov Fun!

    Had a blast driving to different cities and finding stuff to do. Will definitely do it again! Haven't uploaded anything in awhile, so here it is!
  10. Todd

    Hello From Southeast Georgia, Usa

    I am launching a website to try to help vloggers to promote their channels. I had not ridden in a couple of years, but really got motivated when I got introduced to the whole moto-vlogging experience. I hope people will eventually promote their channels in my forum section, and you will be...

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