1. HippoDrone

    Feedback Needed Audio Improvements....

    Just a dinky motovlog for you today, I've made some changes to my audio set up, let me know in the comments on the video if you think it is an improvement or not? :-)
  2. 2WDutch

    Serious New External 1 Dollar Mic Test

    A few weeks ago i recieved my cheap ass mic with connector for my Gopro. Also bought a housing with a opening for the connector. The costs: Mic 1 dollar Housing 8 dollar (included mic connector for Gopro 4). I made a short testride with it, with aka Yammie Noob topic 5 mistakes bikers make...
  3. HippoDrone

    Gopro Hero 5 Black & Hero 5 Session External Mic Fix

    How to fix the one-touch record issue when running an external microphone....
  4. 4CRA

    Gopro Hero 5 External Mic Adapter

    Heres my hero 5 helmet setup, just got it all setup today, the external mic adapter isn't that big but it's still a brick lol
  5. OOmpiMoto

    Feedback Needed External Mic Test

    hey guys..... got my delivery of accessories today. did a quick mic test tonight and a differnet camera postion left me know what you think I only rendered at 720 to keep the file size down
  6. Broadsword

    Help! I Have Some Microphone Enquiries

    I'm deciding between the Drift Ghost S or the Hero 4 Session. I understand that the Drift has an external mic jack for you to plug your mic, but I want the Session because of it's camera quality and pricing. Assume I do get a Hero 4 session. I understand there is absolutely no way an external...

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