1. SevenCube

    Off To Germany!

    I'm travelling to Munich, Germany for 6 months on a business trip. Riding in Europe is something I really want to do, but I've got a few concerns I'm hoping the monks here can help with. More will follow as I figure this out. Long Term Motorcycle Rental: I looked up a few rental websites and...
  2. CodeNameAB

    Music A Year Of Riding My S1000rr In Europe

    It has been a bit more than year since I bought this amazing piece of art and I wanted to make a video to show some of the best moments spent together and here is that video. I know I am a little late but better late than never right :D I cant say how grateful I am for this bike for being such a...
  3. 2WV

    A Bit Of Europe

    I've been thinking for a while now to do something bold and to tour a bit of europe on my bike. As touring is all new to me i would be looking for some advice from someone with a bit of experience. Also, sadly, the only other person i know who would also want to do this with me cannot now due to...
  4. HippoDrone

    Europe On My Lil V7 Guzzi

    When I left the Royal Navy and having a job sorted with a bit of time spare in between I decided to bite the bullet and go do somit I'd wanted to do for years: A trip round Europe. I got the ferry from Dover to Calais then travelled through France to Switzerland, down to Italy then back through...
  5. Shifty

    General The Ofenpass Swiz

    Trying to get to Italy and took this lovely road.