1. dandoolittle

    A Quick But An Iphone Trolling Competition

    so a mate went on troll and I fell for it. The challenge is this If someone has Siri voice activated on an apple product, they watch a video with audio and the video says "Hey Siri". The person watching the video via the apple product will automatically open up Siri etc...
  2. BehindBars

    General 100 Sub Giveaway Competition

  3. weeemrcb

    Booom!!! ... Fireweem #wp30

    I'm doing a picture challenge in case anyone wants to give it a go? Push the creativity a wee bit :) The challenge is to create, edit and upload one picture a day for 30 days to your preferred choice of social media (#wp30). The first few days were fairly easy, but after day 4 or 5 ... it...
  4. BlackMamba

    General Film Competition

  5. Marbro_za

    Rebel/grumpy Bear April Competition

    Hi guys Apologies for the delay This months topic is Favorite riding story? Unexpected fun with an unlikely friend, stumbling across something awesome or just making some great memories. Tell us about it! Remember the few rules You need to mention Shoutout to Mattw (Link to his...
  6. dandoolittle

    Competition Format Suggestion - Using Google Sheets

    OK - Its getting warmer and we seem to be getting ready for competitions etc One thing that I've have witnessed from competitions like Solar or Sunny Bear is the progression of the mods/organisers managing to keep up with hits of video submissions etc. I've also noticed that keeping a 'score...

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