1. R-Rated

    General Goofing in the Vette museum

    This video has gone back and forth from green to yellow a few times so it must be good!
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    Funny When you have been editing a video too long...

    I am going to let collaborative expert @HippoDrone post the long and serious version.... The full video: The YouTube Demon {edited by @HippoDrone to include the full video)
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    Funny Say What About Loud Pipes?!

    Since I am planning on sleeping in tomorrow (although it may work out otherwise) I am publishing this gem early. This video provides video proof how loud pipes could save a life. - Have Fun
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    Humorous Pondering...

    Yeah...maybe this was the back story of the biker gang... just maybe.
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    Funny 9 Tip-top Ideas For Motovlogging In The Rain

    Be on the lookout for one of the best websites to spend time on the internet! Just goofing around since it decided to rain as I was leaving my wage gig. Life gives you lemons, THROW THEM BACK!
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    What I Think When I Hear Excessive Cussing

    I know we all do it but some are really over the top. That is when this springs in my head...(skip to 53 second mark) Then the world makes sense...
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    Funny Camera Angles Gone Wrong

    Just poking a bit of fun at our genre of YouTube. This is a spoof video. Feel free to come up with some of your own bad angles. Who knows, there might be a new trend just waiting perhaps? - Have Fun
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    My Brain Surprised Me With This Gem

    Every morning I send a little bit of humor to a couple of my employees. This morning I created this...
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    You Gotta Represent!

    Yep, that is yours truly holding the flag in the white shirt. My bud Carlos in the gray. We told the ladies we were there to fill in! We really need younger riders. o_O
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    Funny How About A 1 Man Show?

    My group's next meeting is an ice cream social needed a promo. So here is what I made for them...
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    Funny Being Cheeky Since My Talent Missed The Last Shoot

    Sometimes it is fun just to be silly about things. Sure I hated that the guys could not get their schedules lined up to shoot footage last month, but that is where comedy can be helpful. Plus it takes the piss out of the stiff Harley rider image a bit . . .
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    Feedback Needed Have We Gone Over The Edge Yet?

    I can't take credit for the dialog but I did edit and came up with part of the story concept. So is it too cheesy or should I see if the next one can be more funny?
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    Funny Using Roadguards On A Group Ride

    I know that some of us go on group rides and the formation can get separated. So one group I am a member of uses roadguards. If you do not know what that is or how it works, here is a little tongue in cheek demonstration