1. chrisw959

    Fog and Sunrise

    Snapped another sunrise shot after a night shift
  2. chrisw959

    Snapped At Sulby Bridge

    Whilst I was on the Isle of Man I got snapped up. A clever system really. They have an ANPR system, email them your reg and they'll search the logs and give you the time you passed the camera and go to there site and look from that time. If you where then then take a look. Thanks to -...
  3. chrisw959

    Arriving At The Isle Of Man

    I went to the Isle Of Man TT practice week. As soon as we landed we stooped of by the coast. Even with the panniers, duffel bag and lightly my Kriega R25 got there and back no problem.
  4. chrisw959

    Honda, Honda & Honda

    Met up with a couple of folks toady. Safe to say nit only did we rep Honda but we covered the license range too
  5. chrisw959

    General New Bike Time

    It's new bike time. Ok so I've had it since 1st December 18 but its new to my channel
  6. chrisw959

    Back At The NMA

    Was out at the beginning of the week. Had a blast out with my mate Graham and decided to stop by the NMA on the way back.

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