1. Mark

    I'm Looking For A Series/movie To Watch.

    I'm a big fan of Ewan McGregor's "The Long Way Around" & "The Long Way Down". I am wondering if there are any similar shows/movies I can add to my must-watch list? I don't think his California to Southern Chile trip ever came to fruition. :( Thanks.
  2. CodeNameAB

    General Susten Pass [2] | To The Mountains We Go! | Bmw S1000rr

    This is the continuation of the previous video I shared, hope you will enjoy it.
  3. Matt Leech

    Donington Park, Final Session, 2 X Drift Ghost 4k Cams

    My final track-day session at Donington Park. I've cut out the final two laps because I thought, mistakenly, that something was up due to the gesturing and slow riding of two bikes in front of me, turns out they were buddies having a laugh. There are a couple of fast-forward sections where...
  4. CodeNameAB

    Review 2017 Bmw G310r : Test Ride And Review

    So how does the all new BMW G310R perform? Like I said in the video, they have tried it to make it a beginner friendly everyday bike, meaning, it's smooth, relaxed, easy to ride, good for commuting and should also be good for occasional rides to twisties. The quality of the bike is at par with...
  5. S

    Car Guys/gals

    What do you drive? Some of us may be car guys/gals as well as our love for motorcycles. I have a '97 BMW E36 M3 that I've had for like 9 years! I have done a ton of work to it, turbo'd, coil overs, brakes, gauges, the works! Its another passion/hobby of mine. I hope to one day make it a full...
  6. CodeNameAB

    General Bmw G310r Pure Exhaust Note | Acceleration & Top Speed Test

    This baby BMW seems to be quite a capable bike. Sounds pretty decent for a single cylinder (better than Duke 200/390 in lower revs) and as you saw, one should be able to reach a topspeed of 160kmph on speedo on a longer stretch and in better weather conditions! Apart from that, the bike is...
  7. Dark Rider

    General The Bmw Breakfast Run In Jeddah Saudi Arabi

    A few days before my last weekend in Jeddah, BMW Motorrad contacted me and asked if I'd like to join them on a ride and make a vlog! The answer was of course a massive YES! It felt unreal as nothing like this has ever happened to me before! I was unbelievably excited about going for a ride as...
  8. CodeNameAB

    Review 2016 Bmw R1200r : First Impressions

    A street bike with BMW's proven liquid cooled boxer twin engine with loads of electronics and a shaft drive as well. It seemed to be a capable all rounder in my opinion. It was just a half an hour test ride anyway as one cannot get a longer slot on the open day. I might've focused a bit too...
  9. CodeNameAB

    General First Gear Challenge | Bmw S1000rr

    How fast does the S1000RR go in first gear? Here is your answer! PS : This was the first time I recorded, edited and uploaded the video on the same day! :D
  10. CodeNameAB

    General 2014 Bmw S1000rr Walkaround | Stock Exhaust Rev

    Here is a video about the features of the bike, stock exhaust rev and a very brief review of BMW tank and tail bags. There will be another video on good and bad things about the bike and what its like to own one :) By the way, that was my Dark Knight voice in the end :D
  11. MV.LDN

    Drift Ghost S Bmw Evo 6

    Apologies if a similar post has been here already. I've searched but cannot find. I am using the Drift Ghost S with the BMW Evo 6 helmet, with an external mic on an arm in front of my mouth. I seem to get quite a bit of crackling above 15mph visor open or closed. The mic is on low sensitivity...
  12. CodeNameAB

    Review 2016 Bmw S1000rr : First Impression

    A layman's first impressions of the 2016 BMW S1000RR! It was my first test ride of a litre class so as you can expect, the excitement was quite high! :)
  13. S

    Skwirl Here!

    Hello Everyone! My name is Mike but I have been called Skwirl (squirrel) since I was 3. When I was 17 I had a crazy dream of buying a CBR600 and riding it around the world. Unfortunately it never happened but now I am about to make it a reality. I am getting a new BMW F800 and plan to ride it as...

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