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  1. Sportster

    1000 Subs Mod Challenge. Thoughts???

    Hey guys! So I have decided to start a little challenge for my youtube channel Challenge to myself. Only to get a mod, after every 1000 subs Right now I only have 70 subscribers is this too ambitious? Is it going to take too long? how long did it take you all who have more than 1000 subs to...
  2. Sportster

    My Iron 883!

  3. Sportster

    Posted My First Motovlog, Got 500 Views, Is This Normal??

    Hey guys, I am new to motovlogging and riding in general. I posted my first video this week, got 500 views, I posted my second video yesterday and have 180 views so far. 25 Subs. Is this volume normal? or sub par? My goal is to retain those visitors and build a small community of people...
  4. Sportster

    Selfie Stick Picture

    Instagram @sportster_Dawg
  5. Sportster

    Hey Guys! I Am Sportster_dawg

    New to riding and motovlogging I ride a 2013 iron 883 My youtuber tag is Sportster_Dawg my goal is to get involved in the community and make my channel different from many other motorvlogs! I look forward to forming part of this community!

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