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  • dandoolittle
    Blog: dandoolittle's blog. By dandoolittle at 5:39 PM.
    [ATTACH] Did you ever think that London would become a city where as a biker, you would be hijacked for your bike in broad daylight? Did you ever imagine that bike thefts in England and Wales would go from 22000 for the whole of 2012 to 8000 a month in 2016? Have you ever experienced the...
  • chix
    Blog: chix's blog. By chix at 2:36 PM.
    Hello all, I wanted to try out the neat blogging feature on the Motovlog forums here. Recently I have been interested in spreading the motorsports and motovlogging love and what better way than to share with y'all. I've been riding for about 7 years now, started with a CBR929, went through...
  • SalvageSV
    Blog: SalvageSV's blog. By SalvageSV at 2:40 PM.
    The monthly challenges created by @Marbro_za are really picking up some steam and this month there are 11 entries! Be sure to check out the videos submitted and vote for your favorite. If you aren't familiar, the basis of the challenges...
  • SalvageSV
    Blog: SalvageSV's blog. By SalvageSV at 7:28 PM.
    A few weeks back, @kryten and I attended a local demo day hosted by Zero Motorcycles, the manufacturers of electric motorcycles. Of course, we recorded it all and I put together a video of the experience. We discuss the merits of the bike itself, as well as the general pros and cons of owning...
  • Lurch
    Blog: Lurch's blog. By Lurch at 2:10 PM.
    Kevin Williams interview Hello Kevin, thank you for taking the time to talk to us at We have an international base of members who have a common interest of making videos and vlogs on motorcycles or about motorcycles, although little is spoken about training and even less about...
  • Lurch
    Blog: Lurch's blog. By Lurch at 7:01 PM.
    Warranty issues? A little post about my recent warranty experience: I was thinking of selling my HD Ghost to allow me to upgrade to a Ghost S, and shortly after I mentioned in a couple of places that I was going to be selling it, I updated the firmware because newer is better. Right? Wrong!...
  • dandoolittle
    Blog: dandoolittle's blog. By dandoolittle at 6:13 PM.
    [IMG] You may have heard of RJ, if you haven’t erm where have you been? He is arguably one of the top vloggers in the UK. He really is a jewel of the motovlogging world. Even though I have to ask, is he actually a vlogger? I don’t’ know anyone, even non-bikers who don’t watch him on...
  • dandoolittle
    Blog: dandoolittle's blog. By dandoolittle at 10:50 PM.
    This is a short blog, it's a test one. However, more is coming. I like Motovlog being a forum that's full of great vloggers from across the globe. However, I do think the forum can do with a little oomph. We have a wealth of knowledge that can easily be buried. This has kicked me up the...